Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Grave Unknown

These are lyrics I wrote with the metalcore style in mind
Esta é uma letra que escrevi com o estlilo metalcore em mente

A Grave Unknown

As you turned on the wrong track
I couldn't see!
As you turned away your back
I watched you flee!
No words or gestures to explain
Just embarqued to a life of pain
In that accursed final train
There was nothing for your gain

On the longest voyage of your life
Through constant fear of all the strife
Yet you managed to stay alive
While poking sticks at the closest hive
You mistake your friends for foes
And are addicted from head to toes

The light slowly fades as you slip away
The feeling I get, it seems like decay
And no matter how much I delay
How much words I can say
I can't make you stay
For a last night or day

Yet you keep torturing your flesh
With pills and needles for a lash
You're in for an ugly final crash
You'll be buried among the trash

In a place where all the wicked tread
That's the shithole you chose to head
On your path to a grave unknown
Without flowers, coffin or tomb stone


Cleanse your soul!
Cleanse your fucking soul!
Cleanse yourself of shit!

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