Friday, 21 June 2013

March to Salvation

Just some lyrics with an epic theme
Apenas uma letra com um tema épico

March to Salvation

Marching through the wastelands
Through countless perils and dark arts
There's a black mark in our hands
And a coldness in our hearts

Marching through the fields of desolation
We go onwards to that place
We go to fulfill our mission
Ever forward to disgrace
Ever with a great ambition

Galloping hard across the marsh
We travarssed the putrid lakes
Galloping onwards as we thrash
We have reached the higher stakes

Cause we must carry on through
The great desolation
And we keep marching on to
The place for salvation

So many days
So many ways
So many roads to tread along our course
So long have we endured this curse

Sorrounded by the darkness all around
All these creatures we shall kill
Such an honor, such a thrill
All around the endless mound

Through the darkest fields we've ridden
Through endless pain we fought our way
Through all the traps and horrors hidden
From the darkest night to a brighter day


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