Monday, 20 January 2014

Across The Borders of the Void

Across The Borders of the Void

For many miles we have traveled
Many sickness we have seen
Such confusion we've unraveled
In many circles we have been

Walking with bare feet on the spikes
Carrying boulders at our backs
Getting poked by countless pikes
Following these endless bloody tracks

To find him there sitting on his throne
With his vast velvet royal mantle
To cast us out he seems so prone
From this damned infernal temple

For causing discord in hell
From there we fell
So deep into the dark
Into darkest shades of black

Unwanted in neither earth nor hell
We drift along the dark infinity
Void of space, a complete vacuity
So horrid a tale, it hurts to tell

Descending in darkness!
Ascending in madness!
Across the borders of the void
We swam through pain and fear
We haven't shed a fucking tear!
We wandered mindlessly
We felt so cowardly!

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